Conceptual approaches to the use of category “crisis situations, threatening the national security of Ukraine"


The problems and perspectives of using in the modern legal science and practice of the security and defense sector "crisis situations threatening national security" are considered. Crisis phenomena and crisis situations are considered as an object of scientific research, the directions of scientific researches of the category "crisis" in modern science are highlighted. The conditions for considering the situation as threatening national security are determined. The connection between the "crisis", "crisis state" of a citizen - the recipient of social services with the absence of control of such a person by the state, as well as the negative consequences of an emergency or a dangerous event is established. The conditions for assigning a crisis situation to the category of "emergency" and its solution by means of the Unified State Civil Protection System are determined. The subjects of civil-military relations were considered as participants in the resolution of crisis situations threatening national security. Based on the analysis of strategic decisions on the development of military-civil relations, the correlation between the content of the concepts "crisis situation" and "crisis situation threatening national security" has been made. The perspective model of the functioning of the country's security and defense sector, its filling in the conditions of the crisis situation, which threatens national security, and the legal regimes of its functioning, are considered. The processes of regulation of civil-military relations with participation of separate components of the Military Organization of the state in modern conditions and further research are proposed to define as the sphere of use of the concept of "crisis situations that threaten national security".

Authors and Affiliations

Oleksandr Komissarov, Oleksandra Khytra


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