Dietary habits of women – selected issues

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 3


Introduction: Correct dietary habits belong to the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping the proper body mass in every period of human development and life is a condition of retaining health. It also prevents or retards development of diseases and even improves efficiency of treatment and rehabilitation. The wrong diet leads to occurrence of many disturbances in the functioning of an organism.Object of the study: The object of this paper is to present selected issues concerning dietary habits of women.Material and method: The anonymous research included 210 women aged from 18 to 73. The field of research was four gynaecological departments. In the research the method of diagnostic survey and the analysis of documents were used. Specially prepared survey questionnaire and Nurse’s Examination Form were used as the research tools. Patients were selected for the study on the basis of the following criteria: 1. the cause of hospitalisation was a disease or diseases of the genital organ (pregnant patients and those after miscarriage were excluded); 2. age, at least 18 years (adult patients); 3. the time of hospitalisation at the gynaecological ward was at least three days; 4. the patient expressed her consent to participate in the study.Results: Only 21.4% of the women assessed their diet as healthy. The three main meals were regularly eaten by 30.5% of the respondents. Only 36.7% of the surveyed group had a proper body mass.Conclusion: 1. An incorrect body mass was found in a large part of the surveyed population; 2. Most surveyed women did not follow principles of healthy diet; 3. The analyzed dietary habits depended on the respondents’ level of education; 4. Efforts should be made to increase efficiency of co-operation between proper public institutions and non-government organizations in promoting healthy diet and motivating to a change of dietary habits.

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Aleksandra Słopiecka


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