Effect of martial arts on health

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2017, Vol 23, Issue 1


Introduction and objective Physical activity shapes fitness and endurance, which exerts a positive effect on the efficiency of mental and physical work, and daily functioning of the body. Description of the state of knowledge The results of studies conducted to-date have revealed that one of the key factors affecting the decision about practicing martial arts or martial sports is the aspect related with the improvement of health and obtaining high physical fitness. Studies by Weinberg, Stabourn and Jackson show that karate fighters are persons characterized by low nervous tension, self-confidence, low anxiety, calm and the sense of safety. According to Miłkowski self-defence increases the feeling of self-confidence, allows the control of own emotions, control of anger and fear. Conclusions Martial arts, in those who practice them, master calm, self-confidence, and psychological resistance. They teach the overcoming of fear, shape courage and prowess. In addition, they may lead to the elimination of other negative emotions – long-lasting, intensive training, releases physical and psychological tension, and weakens aggression. The practice of marital arts develops mindfulness and readiness for immediate action – the state of vigilance and awareness of the surrounding. Due to the training, a budoka becomes stronger, and ‘awareness of own physical and moral strength makes man better in family and social life’.

Authors and Affiliations

Katarzyna Smoleń, Kinga Bernat


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