Effects of high-intensity interval training on aerobic fitness in elite Serbian soccer players

Journal Title: Exercise and Quality of Life - Year 2017, Vol 9, Issue 2


The aim of this paper was to determine whether the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) training can improve aerobic fitness in regional-level soccer players. Billat method (30-30s and 15-15s; 6-12 min) was used twice a week for 8 weeks during a season. Twenty-Three National-level soccer team players, (years=25±8, height=183.28±5.93, weight=75.28±5.9), were recruited for this study. Pre- and post-experimental period, maximum oxygen uptake was measured thru pseudo-ramp test on treadmill until volitional fatigue. Obtained results showed improvement in aerobic fitness for post- vs premeasurement (initial measurement = 51.92±3.40, final measurement = 54.87±2.61, p<.001). It is likely that specific high intensity interval training is viable method for aerobic fitness improvements in national-level soccer players when conducted during season.

Authors and Affiliations

Bogdan Belegišanin


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