Electronic payment system: A complete guide

Journal Title: Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences - Year 2019, Vol 1, Issue 2


With contrast to the previous century when the concept of electronic transfer was proposed, nowadays electronic payments are drastically increased due to the rapid increase in online shopping or Internet-based banking. Now in twenty-first century electronic payments became the first option for the transfer of money to/from payer/payee. Visa card, master-card, smart card, debit card, credit card, e-check, and e-wallet, etc. are the options for e-payments. Behind the acceptance of the new payment system depend upon the three factors- cost, time and security per transaction take place of each other. This paper will highlight the background study, types of electronic payment systems available and which payment method users should choose considering the cost, time and security factors. This research will also identify the issues and challenges of e-payments and suggest some solutions to improve performance and quality in developing countries. The motive of this review paper is to introduce the reader to electronic payment and keep update the reader with the current state of the art in the electronic payment system and to provide an overview of past efforts and future trends of electronic payment transfer.

Authors and Affiliations

Awais Ahmed, Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Muneeb


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