Фінансово-організаційні передумови застосування технології хеджування у вітчизняному ризик-менеджменті

Journal Title: European Journal of Management Issues - Year 2016, Vol 24, Issue 7


One of the most important decisions that entrepreneurs and investors adopt in the process of their activities to obtain a positive micro- and macroeconomic result is the placement of monetary funds into ranked financial instruments. Such a decision requires understanding of investment features and risks for all classes of assets. A special attention should be paid to derivatives as their use, despite high effectiveness, is not commonly practiced in Ukraine. The aim of present work is a theoretical study of financial and organizational prerequisites for hedging, particularly, to identify obstacles to the introduction of this technique, including when working with derivatives, in risk management, formation of conceptual approaches to assess and overcome obstacles in the effective application of hedging strategy. Main problems in the application of hedging technique for the work with derivatives at domestic enterprises and financial markets of Ukraine are characterized. We substantiated a hedging technique as an alternative, by efficiency, method in risk management. The most common financial techniques are characterized, which include natural and synthetic types of hedging. A structure of the financial market is revealed, and financial negotiable instruments – objects of application of hedging technique – are classified. A system of participants in the Ukrainian stock market is presented. We described the essence of technique and certain methods of hedging. Micro-and macroeconomic obstacles are identified when applying hedging relative to derivatives: unsubstantiated number of exchanges, weakly-developed legal-normative base, insufficient warrants of property rights to foreign investors, lack of actual delivery of the base asset, low investment attractiveness of Ukraine, lack of a unified regulator for financial markets, absence of hedgers, small volumes of transactions for all futures, low level of financial literacy among the population. The scientific novelty of present research is in outlining the aspects of practical implementation of hedging technique into risk management in dealing with derivatives. Results of the study might be used by legal entities when managing risks in operational and financial activities. Further research into the scientific problem specified may be directed to regulate drivers of profitable business activity by innovative and progressive methods and techniques.

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Anastasiia Kucherenko


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