Foreign body in the soft tissue of the neck – case report

Journal Title: Polski Przegląd Otorynolaryngologiczny - Year 2014, Vol 3, Issue 3


Foreign bodies are common in otolaryngological practice. However, it happens rarely that the foreign body perforates the wall of the pharynx and mi grates extralum inally. A 52-year-old wom an was admitted to the ENT Department in Polanic a Zdroj Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The examination of the ears, nose, throat and larynx showed no abnorma lities. The neck had a swelling with obvious tenderness on the right side and painful limited movements. An X-ray examin ation showed a 56-millimeter long tailoring needle at the C2 level of cervical vertebra, right side. The foreign body was removed under local anesthesia.

Authors and Affiliations

Anna Katkowska, Wojciech Czak


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