Geodemography of Health Care Services in the Budding Tourism Destinations of Rapidly Urbanising Cross River State, South-East Nigeria

Journal Title: Romanian Review of Regional Studies - Year 2012, Vol 8, Issue 2


Although the extent to which human capital, economic policies and physical infrastructure contribute towards economic development continues to generate intense debate in development studies, there is a consensus that the human capital and the factors (including health care) that it (human capital) plays very significant roles in achieving sustainable development including economic, social and environmental aspects. Sadly, health care quality, as one of the essential components of life quality of most urban centres in developing countries (DCs), remains largely unknown. This paper analyses healthcare (including health institutions and professionals) available in Calabar city in southeastern Nigeria. Despite the recent emphasis of Cross River State Government on developing the local-regional and global preferred tourism destination in Calabar city, for over a decade (since 1999 to the present) as frequently and fondly advertised in the global media, the policy of health care improvement, as well as other welfare programmes, have lagged behind the efforts to invite tourists into the city. To increase the attractiveness of the city for residents, tourists and investors, policy must incorporate health care improvement programmes into economic growth and development plans.

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JOSEPH UKWAYI, RICHARD INGWE, FELIX OJONG (2012). Geodemography of Health Care Services in the Budding Tourism Destinations of Rapidly Urbanising Cross River State, South-East Nigeria. Romanian Review of Regional Studies, 8(2), 67-86.