Impact of thedevelopment of the biofuels industry on food securitytake the fuel ethanol industry as an example

Journal Title: Progress in Energy & Fuels - Year 2017, Vol 6, Issue 1


As a kind of low carbon energy, biofuels have energy security, optimize energy structure, reduce carbon emissions and other important role.However, theoretical model analysis and foreign experience shows the major food as the the raw crops biofuel production may produced to reclaim land and grain, the influence of the increase food, prices, and transmission mechanism through international trade impact on the global food supply and prices.Changes of domestic COM and other food crops planting area of correlation analysis showed this current corn-based biofuels production scale has not impact cm other food crops and prices.But, as with food crops or food crops as raw material to the expansion of biofuel production, it'll inevitably impact on domestic food production and price, for this reason, this article preliminary estimates the is the three kinds of biofuels production capacity influence on domestic food production and prices Food security and industry development dual goal from industry guidance and regulation, industry technical support, the dustrial economic incentives Three aspects put forward the development of biofuel industry the policy system and policy.

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Xu guoxia, Ong wang


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