Incidence and mortality in the babies with meconium aspiration syndrome admitted in NICU

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2017, Vol 4, Issue 1


Background: Passage of meconium considered physiological exhibiting sign of foetal maturity on one hand and a sign of foetal distress a response to hypoxic insult on the other hand. Intrauterinefoetal gasping, mechanical airway obstruction, pneumonitis, surfactantin activation, and damage of umbilical vessels all play roles in the pathophysiology of meconium aspiration. Its more commonly seen in terms and post term deliveries. Aim and Objectives: To study the incidence and mortality in babies with meconium aspiration syndrome admitted in NICU. Material and Methods: It’s a prospective observational study. The study population included all the babies born with MSAF in the tertiary care centre during study period of 2 years from Nov 2014 to Oct 2016.Diagnosis of MAS is based on the presence of respiratory distress in an infant born through MSAF, with noalternate cause for respiratory distress. Results: Incidence of deliveries with meconium stained amnioticfluid was 4.24%.Most common complication in babies born with MSAF was meconiumaspiration syndrome (62.5%) followed by PPHN (42.04%). The incidence of meconium aspiration syndrome in babies with MSAF found to be 8.1% while, mortality due to MAS syndrome comes out to be 20%. Summary and Conclusions: Incidence of MSAF varies with place to place in accordance with study population and availability of antenatal care facilities. Meconium aspiration syndrome is an important cause of morbidity and mortality among newborns in the developing world

Authors and Affiliations

Supriya Shankar Gotey, Kalvati Jaju


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