Knowledge of parents on alimentary allergy occurring in their children

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 1


Introduction. Atopic diseases, including alimentary allergy, are an increasingly important heath problem due to their duration and relapses, as well as the possibility of development of life-threatening organ complications. Alimentary allergy occurring in early childhood is considered as the first signal of a potential atopic disease later in life.Objective. The aim of the study was to analyze the knowledge of parents on alimentary allergy in their children, as well as analysis of selected aspects of care in children with alimentary allergy.Material and methods. In the study, the method of a diagnostic survey was applied. The survey was conducted using an authorial anonymous questionnaire consisting of 21 questions among parents of children diagnosed and treated due to alimentary allergy in the Ward of Allergology of the Children’s Clinical Hospital in Lublin. The study was conducted between February – April 2013. The material consisted of 100 questionnaires filled-in by parents of 48 boys and 52 girls aged from 20 months to 18 years with diagnosed alimentary allergy.Results and conclusions. The majority of parents apply recommendations regarding the introduction of diet, but for eliminating the allergenic component, they mostly do not substitute it with other products of similar alimentary quality.Analyzing the knowledge of parents on lactose, it can be concluded that it was low, and thus only less than one-fifth ofthe children had been submitted to the test diagnosing lactose intolerance. Although the parents quickly reacted to the symptoms of allergy and their children were early diagnosed, nevertheless, they do not have sufficient knowledge about intolerance and alimentary allergy and the role of lactose, as well as ineffectiveness of the substitution of the most allergic product, i.e. cow’s milk with goat’s milk. Slightly over one-half of the examined reported information on alimentary allergy to their children, but the main source of their own information were acquaintances and family, as well as the Internet.Key words: alimentary allergy, diet, health attitudes

Authors and Affiliations

Paweł Kalinowski, Katarzyna Mirosław


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