Legal regulation of institute of order proceedings: foreign experience and national peculiarities


The article analyzes the foreign experience of legal regulation of simplified procedures of legal proceedings. The introduction of simplified proceedings is proposed, on the one hand, as a way of ensuring access to justice at the expense of reduced court costs and a more flexible procedure with a lower degree of formalization, on the other hand, as a way of minimizing public expenditure on the judicial system and improving the efficiency of the judicial administration. The history of the procuracy's appearance as a form of dispute settlement, the prototype of which (simplification of the trial) took place during the Roman law, was considered. The positive practice of regulation of order execution as an integral part of the civil process is revealed. At the same time, today the procedural legislation of other countries is quite progressive, orderly and automated, and therefore, it has grounds for the introduction of positive practice in the legislation of Ukraine. The main prospect of updating the domestic civil procedural legislation remains the introduction of automated ordering, which would greatly facilitate the work of court officials and judges, as well as improved communication between the parties and the court. Taking into account the positive foreign experience, it is proposed to make a number of changes to the existing civil procedural legislation, including: to expand the list of requirements, to provide an opportunity to collect in the order of order real estate realization; to settle the issue if the place of the debtor is not known or if he is abroad, in the long run, to provide a refusal to open the proceedings; to extend the term during which the debtor can be filed an application for the cancellation of a court order; to provide for the possibility of cancellation of a court order by other interested persons. The prospects of borrowing positive achievements of foreign practice for further use in the Ukrainian realities of the present are outlined.

Authors and Affiliations

Oleksandra Nestertsova-Sobakar, Yuliya Svystak


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