New era of Endoscopic Approach for Sialolithiasis: Sialendoscopy

Journal Title: Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal - Year 2010, Vol 10, Issue 3


Sialendoscopy is one of the innovations introduced in the last few years in the feld of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery. Sialolithiasis and sialadenitis are two of the most frequently presenting disorders of the salivary glands. Te diagnosis is most frequently confrmed by radiology and the treatment of sialolithiasis ranges from the use of surgery, intra-oral extraction or external lithotripsy, to the more frequent external excision of the gland. Sialendoscopy uses minimal invasive surgical techniques which allows for optical exploration of the salivary ductal system and extraction of the stones by a basket under endoscopic view. Sialendoscopy incorporates diagnostic with therapeutic procedures, as dictated by the clinical fndings. Tis technique can be performed in most cases as an ambulatory, outpatient procedure under local anaesthesia.

Authors and Affiliations

Rashid Al-Abri| Department of Surgery, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Muscat, Oman, Francis Marchal| Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland


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