Niemiecka wizja roli Unii Europejskiej na arenie międzynarodowej

Journal Title: Wschodni Rocznik Humanistyczny - Year 2017, Vol 0, Issue 4


Since the end of the Cold War, the role of Germany in Europe and in the world has changed crucially. The German reunification has made Germany the most powerful country in the European Union and an active player in the international arena. There is a wide-spread belief among Ger¬man politicians and experts that Germany will more effectively achieve its national interest on a global scale due to the efficient functioning of the European Union. This is the reason this article tries to answer how Germany sees the role of the European Union on the international scene. The first part of the study presents the position of Germany in Europe. After that, it describes German point of view on the essential reforms within the European Union to strengthen its engagement on a global scale. Subse¬quently, the last part of the article includes German vision of the European Union’s role in the international arena.

Authors and Affiliations

Martin Dahl


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