Occupational Health Problems of the Auto Rickshaws Service Providers in Agartala City: A Case Study of Nagerjala Motor Stand

Journal Title: International Journal of Current Research and Review - Year 2017, Vol 9, Issue 22


Health is a very significant matter in the daily life of a vehicle driver. Long hours on road contribute to the occupational health hazards. The aim of this study is to identify the health problems among the auto rickshaw service providers in relation to their age and the number of hours put in driving the auto rickshaws. The study had been carried out in Nagerjala Motor Stand, Agartala City in Tripura among the auto rickshaw drivers through interview method and obtained data were analysed with the help of statistical tools. The result showed that musculo-skeletal problem was most common and of frequent occurrence among all age groups of the auto rickshaw service providers. Relevant preventative measures have been suggested for the better health condition of the drivers.

Authors and Affiliations

Debasish Debbarma


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