Планування інвестицій в інноваційну продукцію на основі матриці інноваційного потенціалу регіону

Journal Title: European Journal of Management Issues - Year 2016, Vol 24, Issue 7


Effective management of innovative process for the manufacturing of innovative products implies the substantiation of sources, determining the volumes and objects for financing the innovations. As one of the most important elements in managing the investment provision for innovative development is planning the cost and expenditures for innovative products, we consider the chosen direction of present research to be relevant. The aim of present work is a characteristic for the method of determining the volume of investment into innovative products by the type of products and enterprises based on the matrix of innovative potential of the region for formatting of optimal investment portfolio. Here we enumerate the basic types of foresight research into scientific and technological development, which were conducted in Ukraine. The conclusion is drawn that despite the multiple variants for such a development, its directions, along with other factors, are limited by the financial means for producing innovative products whose component is determining the required volumes and objects for investing. We characterized a method for selecting the types of innovative products as an object for investment. In order to choose investment objects, the list of critical technologies and innovative enterprises that have priority for the region is defined; investment risks at various stages of manufacturing innovative products are assessed; discounted income and price of risks are calculated; the problem on optimal allocation of investments by the types of products and enterprises is resolved with regard to the discounted income and price of risks. The novelty of present research is in the algorithmization of selecting the innovative technologies that have priority for investment, based on the matrix of innovative potential of the region. Results of the study might be applied to form an investment portfolio that would contain the most promising innovative technologies from the economic viewpoint. Promising topics for further research is conducting a comparative portfolio analysis of innovative enterprises for various fields of activity based on the proposed algorithm.

Authors and Affiliations

O. Maruhlenko


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