Prescription pattern of antihypertensive drugs and life style practices of hypertensive patients in an urban locality of Mysore


Objective: To determine the prescription pattern of antihypertensive drugs in Narsimharajamohalla of Mysore. To determine the lifestyle practices of hypertensives. Materials and Methods: Around 165 patients were enrolled in the survey after obtaining their consent. Prescription pattern of antihypertensive drugs was noted. Lifestyle practices such as exercise habits, dietary salt intake; compliance to medication was enquired through a questionnaire. Results: majority of patients are on combination therapy. Diuretics were the commonly prescribed antihypertensives. Reduction in salt intake and exercise habits were poor among majority of the patients. Few patients were noncompliant to the prescribed medication. Conclusion: With the obtained data showing a large amount of patients on combination therapy with poor life style practices, there should be an emphasis on health education. The prescribing doctor, paramedics, media, government should do their best in educating the masses.

Authors and Affiliations

Kalabharathi H L , Mohammed Sibgatullah , Pushpa V H , Satish A M , Suresha R N


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