Preservasi Konten Lokal di Perpustakaan Perguruan Tinggi (Studi Kasus Medical Knowledge Center UPN Veteran Jakarta)

Journal Title: Pustabiblia: Journal of Library and Information Science - Year 2019, Vol 3, Issue 1


The college library is the center in the running of the wheel of disseminating knowledge. One of the collections found in the college library is local content. Local content has a variety of types, among others, student writings and lecturers’ research results. Medical Knowledge Center as a center for depositing local content academicians of the Faculty of Medicine UPN Veteran Jakarta strives to facilitate the existing local content to be more optimally utilized. This research was conducted to determine the application of local content preservation in the Medical Knowledge Center in terms of processes and benefits. The method used is descriptive qualitative. Stages are carried out by identification, selection and decision making. Conclusion Local content becomes more organized, the value of existing knowledge is maintained and extends dissemination.

Authors and Affiliations

Dwi Fajar Saputra


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