Prevalence of anaemia and under nutrition in peri-pubertal population of rural school children

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2018, Vol 6, Issue 1


Background: Anemia is a public health problem affecting people from developed and developing countries. The peripubertal child is more prone to acquire abnormal eating habits, more intake of fast foods, decreased physical exercise and menarche occurring in this period children, making them more prone to malnutrition and anaemia. Aim: To study the prevalence of anaemia and under nutrition along with the social factor associated in school children of peri-pubertal age group. Material and Methods: The study was conducted on 300 children of 7th to 9th standard from government school All children were in the age group of 12-14 years. Anaemia was assessed clinically and by Sahli’s method and Nutritional status was assessed in terms of anthropometric parameters. Results: Out of 300 school children, 123 (41%) children were found to be anaemic. Prevalence of anaemia was insignificantly higher in girls (43.13%) than in boys (40.56%).Out of 215 malnourished children, 104 (34.67%) children were anaemic and out of 85 well-nourished children 19 (6.33%) were anaemic. Conclusion: Health programme for all school children on a regular basis along with routine testing for hemoglobin estimation of these children is advised. School teachers should give advice to both children and parents regarding advantages of balanced diet.

Authors and Affiliations

Raghavendra Reddy, Sandeep Patil, Lakshmidevi 3, Chethan K B


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Raghavendra Reddy, Sandeep Patil, Lakshmidevi 3, Chethan K B (2018). Prevalence of anaemia and under nutrition in peri-pubertal population of rural school children. Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics, 6(1), 18-21.