Response of Foliar Application of Nova Amino Chelated-Boron on Vegetative Growth, Fruit Yield and Quality of Tomato


An investigation was carried out during kharif, 2018 in tomato crop by application of Nova Ami-B in combination with recommended dose of fertilizers to evaluate the efficiency of Nova amino chelated boron. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Block Design(RBD) with five treatments and control i.e T1: Control (No application of any fertilizer), T2: Recommended Dose of Fertilizers (RDF), T3: T2+ 2.5g/l Boron at 20 and 45 DAT, T4: T2 + 2.5ml/l of Nova Ami-B at 20 and 45 DAT, T5: 2.5g/l Boron at 20 and 45 DAT, T6: 2.5ml/l of Nova Ami-B at 20 and 45 DAT. Experiment revealed that application of (T4) Recommended Dose of Fertilizers + Nova Ami-B resulted in improved plant height, number of flowers per plant, number of fruits per plant, fruit weight per plant, total soluble solids and lycopene content over other treatments but T3 showed more number of leaves per plant

Authors and Affiliations

Venkata narayana, et al.


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