Journal Title: Production Engineering Archives - Year 2018, Vol 20, Issue


The subject of outsourcing of personnel services are functions and auxiliary tasks in the operation of a given enterprise. It is based on outsourcing specific tasks and entire personnel processes, as well as hiring employees who carry out tasks entrusted by a client. The main problem faced by enterprises is employee turnover caused by numerous absences, sick leave and holidays, and, as a consequence, employees have more and more delays and do not keep their deadlines. Consequently, they are frus-trated that they have to perform more duties from other positions and listen to complaints about con-tinuous decline in work efficiency. The problem of employee turnover is becoming a common phe-nomenon. Therefore, each company should analyse this problem. Starting from identifying the prob-lem and, as a result, implementing appropriate measures to prevent excessive fluctuation of employees. It is also important to enable employees to develop and organize appropriate working conditions, which will ensure the comfort of work and attachment to the employer.

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Anna Jasińska


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