School-family cooperation through different forms of communication in schools during the Covid-19 pandemic

Journal Title: Thesis - Year 2020, Vol 9, Issue 2


Creating and developing a partnership between schools and families is a topic of many discussions among the scholars in the field of education, so the partnership with the parents is necessary to raise the quality in education because the family plays an important role in the process of learning and children’s development. The partnership seems to be more necessary at the time when distance learning occurred lately which was imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to pay attention to the forms of communication that are applied by school directors and teachers in relation to the parents, as well as to understand the planning and the realization of the partnership for the meetings and the reasons of organizing those discussions between teachers and parents during a school year in both junior and senior high schools. Through the data analysis it has been understood that application of the suitable forms of communication has a positive impact in school-family partnership and school-family partnership is more satisfying in junior high schools than in senior high schools. It is concluded that direct forms of partnership must be planned and applied in both junior and senior high schools considering that they induce positive results in problem solving and decision making together with the parents. Also, there must be strategies to increase school-family partnership especially in the senior high school education in order to make parents and teachers aware of the importance of the partnership in special situations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Authors and Affiliations

Violeta Buza & Mirlinda Hysa


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