Schoolbag-Weights and Musculo-Skeletal Complaints in Three Schools In Rural Maharashtra

Journal Title: National Journal of Community Medicine - Year 2017, Vol 8, Issue 10


Introduction: Heavy school-bags and the musculo-skeletal com-plaints are common concerns across countries, but Indian rural studies are scant. This rural study was undertaken to explore school-bag weights, and association of bag-weights with reported pain/discomfort. Methods: This is a cross sectional study covering 261 students (m 128, f 131) in 8th and 9th divisions in 3 rural schools in Nashik district. Standard procedures were used for anthropometry and school-bag weights. Reported musculo-skeletal complaints were ascertained with structured questionnaire. Teachers were interviewed. Excel and Epi-Info were used for analysis. Results: Average schoolbag-weight was 3.7kg.47% schoolbags weighed>10% bodyweight. More girls than boys had heavy bag-packs and musculoskeletal com-plaints. Heavy school-bags and musculoskeletal complaints showed association with Chi-square; but a t-test showed no asso-ciation of musculoskeletal com-plaints with product of bag-weight and walking-duration; while do-mestic /farm work were confound-ing variables. Teachers were aware of bag-weight guidelines and health issues but not about the problem in their schools. Conclusions: Despite awareness, these rural schools had sizeable proportion of heavy bags. Hence counseling of stakeholders and re-working classroom schedules are necessary for safety limits.

Authors and Affiliations

Shyam V Ashtekar, Jagdish D Powar, Siddiqui Aqsa, Shekhar B Padhyegurjar, Manasi Shekhar Padhyegurjar, Ashish Banginwar


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Shyam V Ashtekar, Jagdish D Powar, Siddiqui Aqsa, Shekhar B Padhyegurjar, Manasi Shekhar Padhyegurjar, Ashish Banginwar (2017). Schoolbag-Weights and Musculo-Skeletal Complaints in Three Schools In Rural Maharashtra. National Journal of Community Medicine, 8(10), 572-578.