Situation in accordance with morbidity rate with various forms of HBV and HCV-infections in the case of children in Kirov Region

Journal Title: Медицинский альманах - Year 2016, Vol 2, Issue 2


In the present article discusses the dynamic changes in the epidemiological situation with regard to the various forms of HCV infection in HBV- and children, from the beginning of their registration on the example of the Kirov region. Also analyzed clinical case of an unfavorable course of chronic hepatitis C with the outcome in the development of liver cirrhosis in boys 22 years as a result of infection in early childhood. Objective:To analyze the epidemiological situation with regard to the various forms of HBV and HCV- infection in children living in the northern part of the Volga Federal District (on the example of the Kirov region) for the period 1994-2013 yy.; evaluate the clinical situation as an example one adverse out come of chronic hepatitis Ci n 22-year-oldboys. To assess the nature of the epidemic process in patients with chronic HCV infection and HBV- children used official data recording and reporting of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Kirov region for the period 1994-2013 gg (statistical reporting forms №2). Diagnosis of chronic hepatitis C and B based on the clinical and anamnestic data, increased ALT> 6 mo., the results of the ultrasound of the abdomen, liver fibroelastometrii, detected amounts. anti-HCV, anti-HCV IgM, NS3,4,5; HBsAg, HBeAg, anti -HBcor IgM/G; anti -Hbe IgM/G, ELISA and RNA HCV, DNA HBV PCR. To the exclusion of other viral hepatitis markers were determined by ELISA as follows: anti-HAV IgM/G, anti-HDV IgM/G. The children in the Kirov region revealed the absolute predominance of chronicoveracute. Since 1996, there has been a significant reduction in the incidence of all forms of HBV- infection in children by universal vaccination of infants against hepatitis B. However, the incidence of chronic hepatitis C in children is on the rise and in the last 2 years the incidence of chronic hepatitis C higher than that at chronic hepatitis B. When infected in early childhood and subsequent long-term persistence HCV (15-20 years) increases the risk of adverse outcomes of chronichepatitis C.

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