Social Settings in the Novels of Amitav Ghosh


Amitav Ghosh is the crucial writer who mirrors the actuality of Indian reality. All his significant works have received enormous academic consideration over the globe and it has welcomed and fashioned a lot of literary criticism. He has composed reliably great books and non-anecdotal composition works which have won extraordinary praise both in India and abroad. Ghosh gives great prominence to social and cultural incidents in his writings for bringing about a significant impact among the masses of this world. His creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction, in general, take on issues of history and geography as well as politics and culture. His thoughtful standpoint of the world makes him the citizen of the world, since he emphatically accepts that under the roof of the sky, the world is one. The novelist makes his books as a weapon to delete the shadow lines between individuals and nations and he needs to rebuild the world without war and as a blossoming garden with full of aromatic smell.

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Dr Smita kamdi


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