Species diversity and basic biology of Cuttlefishes from Maharashtra waters, northwest coast of India

Journal Title: International Journal of Life Science - Year 2018, Vol 6, Issue 3


Cuttlefish diversity was studied from Maharashtra waters during the period January 2000 - December 2017. Eight species were identified and they are Sepia pharaonis Ehrenberg, 1831, Sepia aculeata Orbigny, 1848, Sepia elliptica Hoyle, 1885, Sepiella inermis Orbigny, 1848, Sepia prashadi Winckworth, 1936, Sepia (Doratosepion) kobiensis Hoyle, 1885, Sepia omani Adam and Rees, 1966 and Euprymna berryi Sasaki, 1929. The estimated annual catch of cuttlefishes by trawlers (all species combined) for the period 2000-2017 from New Ferry Wharf landing centre showed a cyclic trend and the landings ranged from 1360.4 t (2002) to a peak of 3,704.1 t (2012) and the corresponding catch rate ranged from 0.985 kg/hr (2002) to 1.599 kg/hr (2012).

Authors and Affiliations

Sundaram Sujit, Sushant Mane


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