Teaching Writing at a Secondary School

Journal Title: European Modern Studies Journal - Year 2017, Vol 1, Issue 1


The problem of teaching writing skills has been studied by methodologists for a long time, and a number of ways have already been found to solve it. Writing and written speech was previously considered mainly as a means of teaching in the methodology of foreign language teaching, which was reflected in all previous school curricula. The fact that writing was not the purpose of foreign language teaching was the reason that little attention was paid to this issue in the methodological literature. The chosen topic is relevant, since, currently, one can observe an insufficient level of writing skills of pupils. The reason is that, first of all, no solid foundation of graphic and spelling skills is laid, and no writing techniques are formed. One of the reasons for this may be the insufficient number of exercises for each stage of teaching written speech in textbooks and workbooks used in schools in accordance with GOST (All-Union State Standard). Therefore, teachers should involve additional materials and exercises, be interested in modern achievements in this area, i.e. do everything to eliminate these shortcomings in teaching writing. Therefore, it is necessary to further study the features of teaching writing in schools.

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Alina Syniuta


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