The Concept of Necropolitics During the Pandemic of Covid-19 in Brazil

Journal Title: Thesis - Year 2020, Vol 9, Issue 2


The present article aims to reflect the access to health in Brazil, especially in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, establishing theoretical and conceptual paradigms between the fields of biopolitics and necropolitics. In this context, this study analyses the political discourses during the pandemic of Covid-19 in Brazil. The methodology comes from a bibliographic review, based on the hypothetical-deductive method, mostly based on the concept of necropolitics. Finally, it has been observed that even more dangerous than the virus itself is the necropolitical perspective that dictates who lives and who dies – in this case, who breathes and who suffocates - the nation’s economy over human lives. It’s also been verified that the admission of certain health protocols, under the bioethical perspective, portray the death policy that dictates who lives and who dies in a State completely ineffective in its political, social and even economic dimensions.

Authors and Affiliations

Rodrigo Tonel


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