The Effect of Selected Socio-Economic Determinants of Health on Maternal/ Child Health in Nigeria


The research examines the effect of socio-economic determinants of health on maternal / child health in Nigeria. Some level of improvement has been seen in every part of the world, while maternal mortality rates remain unacceptably high in Nigeria. This qualitative study was conducted in order to examine selected socioeconomic determinants of health and ways of dealing with mechanisms for improving maternal / child health among Nigerian women. A narrative literature review design was implemented using a variety of search engines that use a Boolean search technique to retrieve research publications. In the study, selected socio-economic health determinants that adversely affect maternal / child health were recognized. The determinants chosen include the health care provider's attitude, economic/financial inequality, regional (transport issues), vulnerability, marital status and age, education, gender equality, material and human capital, socio-cultural factors, and health care system delivery. Whereas good footwear, good dependency on social networks, education in maternal/child health, gender equity and involvement of men in reproductive health activities have been found to be common strategies for addressing maternal health services.

Authors and Affiliations

Atayi Abraham Vincent, Jirbo Boniface Verr, Maji Iliya


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