The importance of mass media in health promotion

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 2


Background. The mass media significantly intensified their impact on society. Due to the intensive development of technology, the mass media has become an important source of information about health for the average person, and the promotion of health an important issue in public debates. Nowadays, in order to improve their effectiveness, activities related to health promotion are necessary for interaction with the media. Aim of the study. The aim of this study was to assess the importance and the role of the mass media in promoting healthy behaviour in modern society. Material and the methods. The study group comprised 300 people from the city of Katowice, aged over 18 years, and was conducted by the method of in-depth interviews, with the use of a questionnaire designed by the author. Statistical analyses were performed using Statistica software and the χ2 test for categorical variables. Results. The data on respondents’ preferred means of communications, the method and frequency of use was analyzed. Data on the effects of the media impact on the behaviour of respondents, according to the health-related information, was also examined. The largest group of respondents were aged between 18–30. Most of the respondents declared that their dietary habits changed under the influence of the mass media. The great majority of respondents declared sharing their health prevention knowledge with others. Conclusions. The type of media and its use varied depending on gender, age, education and monthly income. The media influenced the level of knowledge of health promotion.

Authors and Affiliations

Magdalena Syrkiewicz-Świtała, Tomasz Holecki, Ewa Wojtynek


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