Using wind and solar renewable energy by enterprises and consumers in terms of the energy management

Journal Title: Manager Journal - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue


More and more leaders realize that the wider use of renewable energy brings many benefits on long-term, both for the enterprises and for the whole society in the process of developing the smart grids. One of the continuing concerns of any leader at any level must be the energy efficiency growth for all the users, individuals or legal entities. A good corporate leader supports a wider use of the renewable energy because thereby he promotes the care for the environment through the clean energy, the green economy idea in general, which will create him a positive image in the community and he will be considered a good representative of “corporate social responsibility”, by reducing the social ethical implications of strategies adopted. The more there will be more leaders who will promote the idea of production and use of alternative and renewable energy will be required also a greater involvement of the state in the use of the economic policy instruments in order to increase the investments in the infrastructure, to encourage the innovations in this field and to establish the regulations guiding of the specific markets mechanisms and the responsibilities and roles of each economic subject.

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Cornelia Nistor


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