Visibility of working conditions of health staff in Ecuador in pandemic times

Journal Title: Revista Eugenio Espejo - Year 2022, Vol 16, Issue 2


e self-sacrificing and altruistic attitude of most health staff facing the COVID-19 pandemic sparked reflections in the media and the general population, who made a well-deserved recognition. e communication of the experiences about the difficult working conditions that they had in the Ecuadorian context constitutes an important contribution for the management of future epidemiological crises. e extraordinary situation generated by the expansion of COVID-19 affected the quality of life of professionals who provided care to those ones infected. e shortage of human, material and financial resources caused an increase in the workload, as well as increasing exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. e analysis of the organizational measures taken, and their effectiveness were one of the starting points in the adoption of more efficient protocols in the search for greater security for health workers and the improvement of the quality of services in the face of new threats.

Authors and Affiliations

Saltos Llerena, Irma; Paravic Klijn, Tatiana; Burgos Moreno, Mónica


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