Whether we need emotions in business or not


Background: Modern areas of applied psychology, including management psychology, traditionally distinguish two main groups of organizational efficiency indicators: productivity and socio-psychological. Productivity indicators, volume, and quality of manufactured products, the intensity of production process, rhythm, sales volume, market expansion, creation of new customer networks, etc. All such indicators are usually expressed in numbers and are easy to estimate, but how to measure social efficiency indicators: Teamwork, employee collectivism, their attitude towards personal and professional growth, high-quality relationships with each other, are quite difficult to assess. This is why more and more attention is being paid to the use of intangible assets, particularly the utilization of emotional resources, in business. Objectives: To identify emotions experienced and expressed, to assess the strength of emotional workload in the work process, and to determine how emotions combined with business goals. Methods/Approach: While conducting and planning the research statistical methods, both on the principle of sampling and non-sampling were included. Results: Research showed that the effectiveness of the management process is improved if the official leader is recognized by the members of the working group as the leader Conclusions: In modern conditions of development, the leader is required not only to perform basic managerial functions but also to select the right team, to create the necessary emotional impulse to achieve the set goal. In other words, a modern leader should not only be a leader but should also be an emotional leader.

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