Pancaran Pendidikan

Pancaran Pendidikan

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A Concept: Enhancing Biology Learning Quality by Using Process Image

A Concept: Enhancing Biology Learning Quality by Using Process Image

Authors: Firdha Yusmar, Devin Susbandya, Eva Laila Widita, Lailiyah Maghfiroh, Jekti Prihatin, Sutarto Sutarto

Biology learning cannot be separated from visual activities which a part of process skill approach. Visual activities involve process and supported by images. Meanwhile, the images are something that can depute real objects and have the same character of colours and shape as the original. The process is a series activities which take place gradually and continuously to achieve a goal. As for 'process image' is the series of pictures which visualise a phenomenon or a natural fact, so that students can understand the concepts and theories of biology that deals with the pictures. This paper aimed to describe the role of 'process image' to enhance High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), retentions, process skills and learning achievements. The method of this research was analysed from some international journals about the effectiveness of process pictures in the Biology learning. Media of process image has many advantages in a visualisation of abstract concepts in the biology learning.

Keywords: Process image, High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), retentions, process skills, learning achievements.
Analyzing Elementary Teacher’s Understanding Towards Learning Instrument of 2013 Curriculum at SDN Sumbersari 1 Jember

Analyzing Elementary Teacher’s Understanding Towards Learning Instrument of 2013 Curriculum at SDN Sumbersari 1 Jember

Authors: Dimas Abdi Haidar, Sitti A Hasanah, Fajar Surya Hutama

The 2013 curriculum has been implemented starting from academic year 2013/2014 until now. In its implementation, the government has made various efforts to socialise the 2013 curriculum thoroughly, but with short preparations and learning instruments that are still in the perfection stage, it makes the low readiness of teachers. In fact, there are still many teachers who have difficulty in making and implementing curriculum learning instruments in 2013. Based on this case, this research is conducted to analyse the understanding of elementary school teachers toward the instrument of learning 2013 curriculum at SDN Sumbersari 1, Jember regency. The research method used is qualitative descriptive and the data collections are interviews, questionnaire, and observation. By the research which has been done, it can be indicated the teachers of SDN Sumbersari 1 find difficulty, especially in preparing lesson plan components, instruments of effective assessment and student’s performance in a learning process. This can occur due to lack of training conducted by government and the instrument guidance is still not widely known by teachers

Keywords: Instrument; Learning.

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