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Innovación y Software

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Free Hardware Device for Interaction in 3D Environments

Free Hardware Device for Interaction in 3D Environments

Authors: Jorge Enrique Rodríguez Jiménez, Ivan Pérez Mallea, Arianna Rodríguez Jiménez
Year: 2021, Volume: 2, Number: 1

Human-machine interaction devices have experienced an increase in their speed of evolution. From the appearance of the first smartphones, to the application of augmented reality, and more recently, the consolidation of virtual reality, the way in which humans perceive the environment has changed due to the influence of these new technologies. Although there is a trend towards free software and hardware, promoting the development without limitations and the construction of devices with a low economic cost, Cuba does not have the necessary resources to guarantee the acquisition and use of virtual reality devices, so its Development in terms of 3D technologies may be lagging behind that of the rest of the world. This research presents two models of design and construction of a device for the simulation of the movements and interaction of the upper and lower limbs in three-dimensional environments (Virtual Reality device), through the use of free technologies. The Arduino hardware platform is used as the physical data acquisition center. The selection of sensors and actuators is carried out, as well as an analysis of their feasibility and functionality.

Keywords: Arduino, free hardware, interaction, sensors, virtual reality.
Network Management Project in BioCen

Network Management Project in BioCen

Authors: Ihosvany Rodríguez González, Mónica Peña Casanova, Anié Bermudez Peña, Ariel O. Famadas García, Alicia C. Blanco Domínguez, Ludibel Mauri Sedeño, Arle...
Year: 2021, Volume: 2, Number: 1

BioCen is a scientific institution made up of several production units that are dedicated to different lines in the Cuban biotechnology and pharmaceutical universe. To guarantee the security and management of the information generated in the institution, and to reduce the impact of IT risk, it has a set of tools, procedures and strategies, collected in a network management project that is updated every year. The project includes everything related to the configuration, structure, control and monitoring, both of the data network, the process network, and the Wi-Fi network; in addition to the organization of services, servers, and the systems that comprise them. This paper presents the management tools used in BioCen for the control and monitoring of the services provided on the network, its internal and external traffic; as well as the detection of incidents. Examples of monitoring and control are shown with the management tools that are applied in some functional areas, as well as the design of the local BioCen network. Finally, the tests carried out on the network system, internal audits, statistical analysis of services and response to incidents are addressed

Keywords: biotechnology, management, monitoring and control, security and data networks, technological infrastructure.

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