Human Ecology

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  • Publisher: BooM & Naghshe-Hirkan Consulting Engineers Company
  • Country: iran, islamic republic of
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LCC Subject Category: Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Science

Publisher's keywords: Asessment and damage assessment of land use plans, regional development plans, regional delineation, spatial policies, economic, environmental, and economic issues. Solutions to reduce and regulate emissions from greenhouse gases and forest degradation. Environmental conservation and management. Renewable energies and sustainable development. Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Study new perspectives of landscape in Iran and future regional planning based on the environmental scenario. Influencing factors, strategies, obstacles, challenges, perspectives, and planning and development. Analysis of climate change impacts on energy, architecture, and urban planning. Deconstruction and analysis of landscape metrics and provision of executive solutions such as determining types of land use. Expansion and promotion of geographic knowledge and sustainable planning with a geographical engineering approach. Spatial analysis, future research on land use changes, perspectives, re-design of spaces, etc. Appropriate solutions for urban sprawl and development of cities and regions. Needs assessment, feasibility assessment, and design of new, medium, and strategic cities in the scope of land. Solution for linking city and village from a spatial and economic perspective. Analyzing the set of spatial.

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