Central European Annals of Clinical Research

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Electronic ISSN: 2668-7305

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  • Publisher: Clinical Research Network
  • Society/Institution: Association for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Aurel Mogoseanu Timisoara
  • Country: romania
  • Date added to EuroPub 2020/Sep/19

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LCC Subject Category: Medicine, Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Anesthesiology, Clinical Molecular and Microbiology, Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Medical Imaging and Radiology, Surgery

Publisher's keywords: Trauma, Anaesthesia, Clinical Research, Medicine, Biology

  • Language of fulltext: english
  • Time from submission to publication: 6 Weeks

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  • Article Processing Charges (APCs): Yes, 150
  • Submission charges: No
  • Waiver policy for charges? No

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  • Type of License: CC BY
  • Open Access Statement: No
  • Year open access content began: 2019
  • Does the author retain unrestricted copyright? True
  • Does the author retain publishing rights? False

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