MODULEMA. Revista Científica sobre Diversidad Cultural

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Electronic ISSN: 2530-934X

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  • Publisher: Universidad de Granada
  • Country: spain
  • Date added to EuroPub 2019/Sep/29

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LCC Subject Category: Education, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

Publisher's keywords: Cultural Diversity, Interculturality, Multiculturalism, Migration, Sexual Diversity, Linguistic Diversity, Culture of Peace, Intercultural Education, Attitudes, Prejudices, Globalization, Minorities, Discrimination, Religion, Ethnic group, Interreligious dialogue, Minors, Foreigners, Intercultural communication, Intercultural competence, Education for peace, development sustainable, global citizenship, school coexistence, Mediation, Resolution of conflicts

  • Language of fulltext: spanish, catalan, english, French, portuguese
  • Time from submission to publication: 7 Weeks

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  • Type of License: CC BY-NC-SA
  • Open Access Statement: Yes
  • Year open access content began: 2017
  • Does the author retain unrestricted copyright? True
  • Does the author retain publishing rights? True

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