Government review and inclusion in law, the essay on Iranian theme laws

Government review and inclusion in law, the essay on Iranian theme law...

Authors: S. Kheradmandy*| Department of Law, Kermanshah Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran., S. Rezaeifard| Department of L...

Influence debates in Islamic law and jurisprudence, which has always been the attention of jurists and lawyers, discuss the state of the entry. The government is, removal of a legal person who is issued with a warrant to seize it, and it forms the government, development and persecutions have mentioned, and the source of many of the inferences and conclusions ; the law was enacted, but the entrance is, that, out of the public really does not matter, but it rules out knowledge or vice versa, is a matter of the public outside, but inside it and the law is known, moreover, need to pay more attention to the legal and regulatory regime and enter the discussion, it is strongly felt.

Keywords: Government, Governance development and restrictions, Entry, Allocation
An analysis of abortion in Iranian law and Imamia Fiqh: a cursory look at international law

An analysis of abortion in Iranian law and Imamia Fiqh: a cursory look...

Authors: R. Parvin*| Department of Law, Kermanshah Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran., M. Hariri| Department of Law, Kerma...

The pregnancy is considered to be a beautiful and pleasing event from a medical and social perspective, and conversely abortion is seen as a social problem in all human societies, and a universal inevitable phenomenon, particularly in different populous countries and can undermine the general health of family and society. On the other hand, in addition to legal and juristic (Fiqh) considerations, abortion is concerned with a combination of medical, psychological, moral and philosophical issues. Unfortunately, due to cultural and economic poverty, people commit the illegal act of abortion which can afflict mother with severe consequences and mental disorders after and before abortion. Abortion violation is an illegal practice pertinent to women and this social problem has affected criminologists and lawyers opinions. From a juristic (Fiqh) point of view, abortion is taken into consideration before and after birth of the infant, and mothers are considered as the most critical pillars of the society due to their fundamental roles in nurturing and developing constructive personalities into the society, taking care of their husbands and finally strengthening the basic pillars of family. Nowadays, among a myriad of countries throughout the world, only twenty six countries including UK, China, France, Russia and Germany(since 1948 and by adopting relevant regulations) regarded abortion as a completely legitimate and valid act, and in Australia, abortion is a crime and doer should be punished. Punishment is not the most influential practice to prevent or reduce abortion. This is because this illegal act is committed by the formal consent of fetus's parents, a doctor or other persons in a completely secret manner and with a high rate of incidence.

Keywords: Abortion, Types of abortion, The basics of permissible abortion, Abortion from the perspective of shariah, Fiqh and religions, Abortion in australia
Conflict and jostle review the rules and regulations of Imami jurisprudence essay

Conflict and jostle review the rules and regulations of Imami jurispru...

Authors: S. Kheradmandy*| Department of Law, Kermanshah Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran., M. Hariri| Department of Law,...

Conflict and Jostle talk always of Islam, is taken into consideration; conflict, as Contrary, two reasons are known, in some cases, if not the sum of two reasons, the judgment Fall it is applied, and the simple and complex forms of conflict, and conflict -based and non- resident, is considered. Jostle also been said about the place Contrary, consider two sentences, and in fact, the legislation is enforced. Evidence generally divided into two categories, legitimate and persuasive, persuasive reasons on the legal front, and the new Penal Code, the judge's complement other evidence is considered.

Keywords: Conflict, Jostle, Types of conflict and jostle, Imami jurisprudence
Climate of the ideas and thoughts of the ignorant Arabs

Climate of the ideas and thoughts of the ignorant Arabs

Authors: B. Feali*| Department of Arabic language and literature, Payame Noor University, I.R. of IRAN., A. Partoy| Department of Theology and Islamic Studies,...

Before the advent of Islam, the so- called age of ignorance. Ignorance against Islam, and the purpose of the ignorance of the Quran, which is modern, with all the moral and religious and cultural norms and values ​​, is against Islam. This term, for the first time in the Quran, there are four, Saudi Arabia has a desert climate is hot and dry. With an area of ​​2149 million kilometers, is the largest country in West Asia and the second largest Arab (in terms of area) of Algeria. This land is subject to periodic droughts, which may take from 10 to 30 years, the people, and the Arab island, has been divided into three parts: 1 - Arab Desert 2 - Hejaz - 3Yemen. The first and second sections, with warm weather, but the third part, the weather is good, based on the research results, this kind of hot weather and dry desert, causing odd superstitions and customs, between the islands al-Arab was the existence of war, murder and looting, the limited availability of natural resources will play an important role in this manner, slavery, cruelty, and exploitation of slave stack corruption, patriarchy, lack of choice of girls, about marriage, daughter, drawing, infringe upon the rights of others, drinking and... Another factor is that the ideas and thoughts of the ignorant Arabs, had the greatest role.

Keywords: Climate, Opinions and ideas, Ignorance, Saudi
Marketing manager to develop tourism in Kermanshah city

Marketing manager to develop tourism in Kermanshah city

Authors: E.T. Sadat*| Department of Human Resources Management, Shakhespajouh Institute, Isfahan, IRAN., P. Akbari| Department of Management, Payame Noor Unive...

Currently, tourism is one of the key strategies for regional development by many governments (states), is taken into consideration, which utilizes appropriate management, have been able to use the proceeds. One of the tools used in the management of the marketing structure is appropriate that this matter can be done with different tools. This method, based on the method of analysis - descriptive and utilizes available resources inside and outside, and the use of factor analysis and cluster models, using spss software is to review the information and marketing, has been in the field of tourism in Kermanshah. Based on the results of this study, it was estimated that, among the Persians, the best marketing tool primarily for marketing, national media, namely television, with a rate of 0.881259 weight plays an important role in the game, and can responsible for tourism development due to Kermanshah, and on the other hand, the next step in my opinion is more important than the first, mouth to mouth marketing is that it requires the provision of facilities, services and tourism infrastructure, in order to create Sweet Memories and a memorial, in the minds of tourists to invite friends, and others to visit the area, which is the best data structure, look for other important information such as the television and the web site

Keywords: Tourism, Information, Marketing, Television, Word of mouth, Factor analysis
Causes of Islam growth in the european union with an emphasis on three countries (France, Germany and Britain)

Causes of Islam growth in the european union with an emphasis on three...

Authors: S. Khatibi Pour*| Department of International Relation, Qom Science and Research Branch of the Islamic Azad University, Qom, Iran., Z. Alvandi| Depart...

In recent years, the European Union witnessed a growing wave of Muslims' population growth (an increase in immigration and birth) and the tendency of people to Islam that today, it has become as one of the major current challenges of the European, so that at present in Europe, especially in three important countries of France, Germany and Britain, Islam is considered as the second religion, and Muslims have a lot of power. This case is so serious to the European that to lay down laws and regulations against Muslims and intensify their control, this issue is understood, but any pressure and restrictions of European governments against Muslims result in hatred of the West among Muslims living in Europe. In this regard, two important questions are raised: What factors are involved in the growth and expansion of Islam in Europe? And how is European governments' approach to the growth of Islam in the European Union? In this paper, it has been attempted to answer these questions through an analytical-descriptive method using library-internet resources.

Keywords: The european union, Muslims' immigration, Power, Resistance and michel foucault
Catalytic degradation of toluene by manganese oxide catalyst loaded on a natural zeolite support

Catalytic degradation of toluene by manganese oxide catalyst loaded on...

Authors: Akbar Barzegar| Ph.D. Student, Department of Occupational Health, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.

The aim of the present study was the investigation of catalytic oxidation of toluene over manganese oxide supported on a natural zeolite (clinoptilolite). The catalyst was synthesized by the impregnation method and calcining at 450°C, and then characterized by X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The effects of the toluene concentration, and space velocity were investigated at different reaction temperatures and the catalytic activity of the catalyst was compared with zeolite 13X. The results indicate that Mn/Clino catalyst, with 10wt% loading, shows proper catalytic activity for degradation of toluene. This study claims that Mn/Clino exhibited relatively a good catalytic activity in comparison with Mn/Z13X.

Keywords: Catalytic oxidation
Effective factors on velocity of money in Iran

Effective factors on velocity of money in Iran

Authors: N. Samadpor*| Department of Management, Neyriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Neyriz, Iran, M. shahsavani| Department of Management, Neyriz Branch,...

Investigating the factors affecting the velocity of money, that plays an important role as a key variable in the economy. This study aims to investigate the variable behavior of the velocity of money in the economy during the period of 1340-1389, that evaluate the effect of important variables such as national income, real exchange rate, inflation rate, increased liquidity coefficient, the money in the hands of individuals and other factors over through the course by collective model. Based on the results, there is a positive long-run equilibrium relationship between velocity of money and variables such as national income, increased liquidity coefficient, exchange rates and inflation rates. On the other hand the money in the hands of individuals, private sector deposits has a negative impact on the velocity of money.

Keywords: Velocity of money, Co integration technique, Iran
Studying effect of uncertainty on capital market reactions to income smoothingof companies listed on the Tehran stock ex

Studying effect of uncertainty on capital market reactions to income s...

Authors: R. Moradi*| Master of Science in Accounting, Department of Management, Esfahan Science and research branch, Islamic Azad University, Esfahan, IRAN., H...

The main goal of current study is to investigate effect of uncertainty on capital market reactions to income smoothing of companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange Market.Period of 5 consecutive years is from 2007 to 2011.Reserche’s dependent variable iscapital market reactions which has been measured based onearnings response coefficients according to the model proposed by Collins et al (1994). Fundamental independent variables consist of uncertainty condition and income smoothing. Due to Habib et al (2011), uncertainty level based on net income fluctuations has been measured and to evaluate income smoothing, discretionary accruals have been used. In total, findings are showing that uncertainty has the negative effect on capital market reactions. In another word, investors and activators in capital market have paid attention to uncertainty in companies of statistic sample and have considered this information in investing decisions. Also, findings indicate that informational content of income smoothing has had positive effect oncapital market reactions under condition of uncertainty. Recent findings indicate this issue that managers’ attempts in order to decrease effects of uncertainty have appropriate consequences and probably lead to improve investors’ reaction to the published information of companies.

Keywords: Uncertainty, Income smoothing, Capital market reactions
Evaluation of architectural harmony tirjerd village, with its prevailing climatic conditions

Evaluation of architectural harmony tirjerd village, with its prevaili...

Authors: M.S. AliAkbari| Department of Geography, Payame Noor University, I.R.of IRAN.

Application of climate, many things has been carefully studied. One of these areas, with applications in architecture and architectural adaptation and climate, a lot of research in this field has been carried out. This is in line with the plan, and reducing energy losses, as well as human welfare, it is necessary. This study, based on an analytical method - statistical survey Tirjerd village architectural harmony, with a climate that has been done. To this end, we first examined the climatic conditions prevailing in the district, in terms of (temperature, humidity, wind and comfort day or night ) it was paid. To this end, data from weather stations that Abarkuh Yazd, extracting the required information from them, were processed, and then estimating the particular circumstances of architecture and materials needed for this condition, examine the residential fabric of the villages were. Materials and how to build houses in this village, assess and then adapt to the prevailing climatic conditions of the district were. Our results indicate that, Tirjerd housing village, just on the basis of geographical and environmental conditions governing it, is formed, and the lowest energy, and sustainable development objectives, in addition to, and past due several years of experience, have achieved this.

Keywords: Rural housing, Environment, Climate, Tirjerd village
Review of effects extent and consequences of invalidity in mixed non-stock corporation

Review of effects extent and consequences of invalidity in mixed non-s...

Authors: M. Bahramian| Department of Law, Kermanshah Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, IRAN.

Businesses, in commercial law and the bill passed in 2011 was considered, and a general classification of capital companies, individuals, cooperatives are classified as mixed, that is, they will make a few companies. Mixed Company Mixed Company is a non-stock of the subsidiary. In this study, Essay on the draft Commercial Code Act 90 has been, and according to the company, the combination of a partnership, or limited liability company, in case the company must invest cash payments and share partnership non- cash partners, as well as calendar and give up on its company, and if they do not fulfill the following conditions, corporate formation, and it is bound to valid, in addition, non-compliance with the rules and regulations concerning the form of company formation business law, the company is considered valid ways.. In addition to the nullity of the company, which has also been noted, such invalidity against third persons who are, or appear to have such a trust can not be invoked

Keywords: Business enterprise, Complex non-stock company, The results of nullity, Invalidity directions
Jurisprudence and legal review Rooming

Jurisprudence and legal review Rooming

Authors: S. Kheradmandy*| Department of Law, Kermanshah Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran., P. Tavasolizadeh| Department o...

Rooming sense of solidarity and closeness, and the division of Assets of jurisprudence, Practical principles are important, and the position of the official is in doubt, and when Rooming, the former is certainly there, and most subsequent , may accede to it, whether it is the former conviction or Nihilist is attached to the accessory, and Rooming existential Nihilist divided into two categories, each of which has different effects, and certain elements can be ex Rooming doubt accessory, the unity of the subject, frequency, time sure and suspicious, suspicious-time simultaneously ensure unity of doubt and certainty, finality, certainty and doubt pointed out, evidence Rooming authority also has been investigated in this study.

Keywords: Rooming, Certainly the former, Though rooming, Rooming nihilist
The relationship between earning and price momentum with respect to the life cycle and the size; evidences from Iran’s c

The relationship between earning and price momentum with respect to th...

Authors: M. Eftekhari*| Master of Science in Accounting, Department of Management, Science and Research Branch Markazi, Islamic Azad University, Arak, IRAN., M...

The present research aims to study the relationship between earning and price momentum in the companies listed in Tehran’s Stock Exchange with respect to the life cycle and the size. For this purpose, the data for 80 companies listed in Tehran’s Stock Exchange, during 2006 to 2011 has been gathered. In this study, research hypotheses are tested by multi-factor regression model and F-test and also T-test. The findings obtained in this research indicate that there is a significant relationship between earnings momentum and share price momentum, and the variables of life cycle and firm size are among the factors affecting the relationship between main variables and also increase the modified determination coefficient. So that, in large companies which are in mature stage of life cycle, this relationship is confirmed and it is rejected at other stages.

Keywords: Portfolio, Share earnings momentum, Share price momentum, Life cycle, Firm size
Woman image in the mirror ignorant literature

Woman image in the mirror ignorant literature

Authors: M. Bavanpoor*| Master of Arabic language and literature, University of Kurdistan, Kurdistan, Iran., R. Lorestani| Master of Arabic language and litera...

Social status of women in any period of, and no secret is hidden. Arab poetry, mirror all had their view of life and language. This is perhaps the popular notion that women in pre-Islamic literature, is standing down, but looking at the history and literature of the ignorant, in we find that women in their lyrics, high places, political, social, economic and etc.. Study, tries, using descriptive - analytical, and the use of the Court ignorant poetry, reviews and determining the position and status of women, in the age of ignorance attempts, and at the end been shown that women have a place otherwise have been.

Keywords: Picture, Women, Literature, Poetry ignorant, Social
Iran's accession to the WTO, the basis for sustainable economic development

Iran's accession to the WTO, the basis for sustainable economic develo...

Authors: A.B. Doagoo*| Department of International Relation,Qom Science and Research Branch of the Islamic Azad University,Qom, Iran., M. Saeidi| Department of...

Globalization of economics is a powerful aspect of globalization. When a national economy interact with the Global Financial Institutions, especially the World Trade Organization (a pioneer in the field of International Financial Institutions), some factors affect the economic development of that country more than any other time. According to the general agreement on initial request of Iran for membership in WTO, it is important to consider the consequences of economic security through a careful consideration of the effects of the factors on economic security. Also it is necessary for politicians to know how to deal with the issues prudently to protect the national interests. These points are essential because Iran has no previous experience in the WTO trading system and any misunderstanding of Macroeconomics’ effect, can cause problems in Iran’s economic system. Since the slightest mistake in decision making could endanger economic and welfare security, Iran should gain a full understanding of the impacts of globalization and has good management in the global economy. To avoid making a hasty decision, it is essential to consider any threat against Iran and then to find strategies to substitute oil-based economy with non-oil based economy like carpets, saffron, etc. Therefore, Iran can take benefits of joining to the organization in order to achieve a dynamic and sustainable development in the country’s economy

Keywords: Globalization, Iran economy, WTO, Challenges and solutions

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