A study of "young goodman brown" by nathaniel hawthorn in the light of freudian psychology theory

A study of "young goodman brown" by nathaniel hawthorn in the light of...

Authors: F. Azizmohammadi*| Ph.D. in English literature, Department of teaching , Islamic Azad university ,Science and Research branch, Arak, IRAN., M. Kamrani...

Freud depicted mechanism of human psyche base on unconsciousness full of fact about dream dependency rooted in childhood. He maintained, mental disorders accompanied with traumatic backgrounds. "Freud regarded people as being masters of self deception" (Gill, 2006:407). He used the keyword "unconsciousness" for mental activity as an "active at a certain time, although at that time we knew nothing about it"(Guerin, Labor, Morgan, Rees man and Willingham, 2005:155). He divided the mental potentiality of psyche in three sides and sizes: the id, the ego and the superego. Nearly the full part of psyche is unconscious, a work field for two other parts. Id is source of wild wit and desire "The basic energies and impulses he called the id"(Gill, 2006:407).

Keywords: ID, Ego superego, Demon, Consciousness and unconsciousness
Types of government - size of government

Types of government - size of government

Authors: A.M. Tavakoli| Department of management, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kerman, IRAN., F. Baghbanzade| Department of Economics,...

The state is one of the issues or phenomena that human life is full of it and can be traced to the aftermath Search everywhere; some scholars have suggested several indicators of the size of government, each of the indicators of the base on economic conditions in each country, can be used and based on make a decision for the size of government. There have always been two views about government, the first view implies that all goods and services to be provided by the private sector, except where to say “the market failure “,and accordingly state tasks limited to providing security, order and justice . Against this view are those who believe that because of market failure and the free market system, the government should play a greater and more diverse role. On this basis, and considering the attitude of philosophical, political, and different schools, various types and sizes can be imagined for the state.

Keywords: Types of government, Size of government, State management
Considering-commerce advantages, development and acceptance

Considering-commerce advantages, development and acceptance

Authors: E. Abbasi*| Department of Business Management, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran., H. Ranjbar| Master Students of Business Management- Financial, Kerma...

Due to the continuously changing and competitive environment focusing on static services and products is not recommended by the companies. These companies should fight their competitors through improving their products and services quality and decreasing the prices. They should also change their way of production, and business. Electronic marketplace on the Internet can boost the productivity and competitiveness of both producer and consumer companies. Positive points of e-commerce are: Reduce the raw materials price, decreasing cycle times. Offering more effective service to the customers. Current research analyzes different aspects of e-business and delivers useful information to various people

Keywords: E-commerce, Advantages, Obstacles, Acceptance, Development, B2c
Catalytic degradation of toluene on manganese oxide catalyst loaded on a natural zeolite support

Catalytic degradation of toluene on manganese oxide catalyst loaded on...

Authors: A. Barzegar| Ph.D. Student, Department of Occupational Health, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran., B. Mortazavi*|...

The aim of the present study was the investigation of catalytic oxidation of toluene over manganese oxide supported on a natural zeolite (clinoptilolite). The catalyst was synthesized by the impregnation method and calcining at 450°C, and then characterized by X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The effects of the toluene concentration, and space velocity were investigated at different reaction temperatures and the catalytic activity of the catalyst was compared with zeolite 13X. The results indicate that Mn/Clino catalyst, with 10wt% loading, shows proper catalytic activity for degradation of toluene. This study claims that Mn/Clino exhibited relatively a good catalytic activity in comparison with Mn/Z13X.

Keywords: Catalytic oxidation, Toluene, Manganese oxide, Clinoptilolite
Investigate the mental element for murder unintentional, due to driving violations

Investigate the mental element for murder unintentional, due to drivin...

Authors: S. Darougari*| Department of Law, Kermanshah Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran., M. Hariri| Department of Law, Ke...

For the realization of a criminal phenomenon, or the act or omission that order, tranquility and personal interests and social prejudices, and because the offending individual sentences and making appropriate sanctions, either reactive, and either supplies and training, to deal with it arose, the addition of an external behavior consistent with what is specified (body mass, material), to determine the mental state of the perpetrator (mental body mass) during the criminal process, the is very important. Understanding the psychological pillar of unintentional homicide, due to driving violations, examples of which are mentioned in the law, is very important because the causes of this type of murder, other types, namely murder and absolute error, be distinguished, the distinction of the burden of criminal responsibility, and the amount and type of punishment is very important, in this paper, has been attempted, errors criminal cases stipulated by law, must be explained. Well as they are capable or allegorical, be investigated.

Keywords: Mental element of crime, Criminal error, Carelessness, A lack of skill, Not abiding state
The study of deception and the based decline

The study of deception and the based decline

Authors: E. Hemmati*| M. A in Jurisprudence and Islamic Law., H. Talebi| M. A in Jurisprudence and Islamic Law., R.S. Nejad| M. A in Jurisprudence and Islamic...

Deception is one of the most important elements to dissolve conventions in project that predicted by the legislator. Understanding the principles of foundation deception particularly deceptions that don’t have any damage is necessary for confirming their influence and by recognition of foundations prevented to undirected and indiscriminate granting this right parties that in some cases lead to abuse of the right .Therefore, in this paper, the foundation of deceptions and how they have relationship with undamaged rule and also their based decline if decline has gone has been investigated. Also, if damage which is the main basis of deceptions can be resolved in any way, whether there is a right of termination or damage has been removed and then the different opinions and the reasons given and the review has been done and where the selection theory is presented.

Keywords: Deception, Foundations of deception, Based decline, Undamaged rule
Guarantee of woman social security and welfare rights in light of Iran Islamic Republic Constitution

Guarantee of woman social security and welfare rights in light of Iran...

Authors: S.M. Sheikh Al Eslami| Assistant professor in department of public and international law of Fars science and Research, Fars, IRAN., F. Moosavi| Depart...

There are a lot of rules mentioned in the constitution law of Iran regarding to women rights. Some of them mention women as just a woman and some refer to them as wife or a mother. These rules in the constitution of law Iran in this paper are discussed form different side of view in order to establish basemen of thinking for providing Iranian women the basic rights so that they can be helpful and useful in the society like men. This discussion has paid attention to the basic and fundamentals of Iran constitution law.

Keywords: Women rights, Iran constitution, Law, Islam
Review of religious and moral commitment in the poems of abdulmanam fertusi

Review of religious and moral commitment in the poems of abdulmanam fe...

Authors: M. Khaksar*| Faculty member at the University Farhangiyan., B. Gholami| Master student at Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah.

Abdulmanam Fertusi Shiite contemporary poet was born in the village of “raghaseh” in southern Iraq , he grew up in Shiite family endowed with grace, science and literature and learned the basics of Islamic sciences with his father. Not only was he famous in seminary, but also he had great reputation in the field of literature and poetry. Undoubtedly, Fertusi was considered as a commitment poet because of religious and moral commitment in his poetry evidently. Theme of Religious poems of the poet was full of his commitment to this issue such as preachment, advice and guidance as necessary according to religious piety, appealing to God at all times, pray. Fertusi consult and discuss poetry around themes such as invitations, invites patience, enjoining and forbidding the evil

Keywords: Abdulneam fertusi, Commitment, Faith, Ethics
An Analysis of Sheikh Sanaan’s Story Based on Roland Barthes’s Theory of Codes

An Analysis of Sheikh Sanaan’s Story Based on Roland Barthes’s Theory...

Authors: F. Soltani| PHD student,Persian Literature at University of Arak, Iran.

“Sheikh Sanaan’s” story is one of the most beautiful stories of the Conference of the Birds (Mantiq-ul-Tayr) of Attar of Nishapur. An appeal for this story provides a necessary background for reading it again from the perspective of structuralism. Presenting evidence from the story of Sheikh Sanaan, this paper considers the structure of the story from the perspective of Roland Barthes’s five codes. These codes include: Hermeneutic or enigmatic codes, proairetic codes, symbolic codes, root meaning codes, and cultural codes. The purpose of the research is to analyze the story of Sheik Sanaan in the form of codes indicating how to analyze different types of literary texts using accurate rules and principles.

Keywords: Codes, Roland barthes, Attar, Sheikh sanaan
President bush doctrine in the middle East and Iran

President bush doctrine in the middle East and Iran

Authors: A.E. Bozchalluei| Department of Political Sciences Payam Noor University, P.O. Box 19395-3697, Tehran, Iran.

George Herbert Walker Bush was confronted with major changes in the world in his president time. The Cold War ended after 40 years, the Communist empire collapsed and the Berlin Wall collapsed, too. The Soviet Union lost and Mikhail Gorbachev who was reformist leader and always supported by Bush had resigned. While Bush has defended the democratization, he emphasized on foreign policy cautiously toward new countries. The biggest test of George Herbert Walker Bush was the invasion of Saddam Hussein who was president of Iraq to Kuwait and threatened to invade on Saudi Arabia. Bush's commitment to support the liberation of Kuwait could gain the support of UN, American and Congress and set out 425 thousand American soldiers to Kuwait. 117 thousand American troops joined the allied forces. After bombing for weeks and a hundred-hour ground war, Iraq was defeated by the army of a million people. Iran condemned the invasion of Iraq at the time but in the UN's activities announced neutrality in relation to declare. Disarm Iraq and to establish safe areas in North and South were gains America’ about Iraq. President Bush refused the Americans to Iraq in order to maintain the regional balance toward Iran. He also ordered Iraq used his planes against the north movement by the Kurds and southern movement in Iraq by Shiites. This action caused great destruction and had many international reactions. After it ,safe zones formed in northern and southern and Iraq was banned from entering the military to the region. Designed New World Order was just after the defeat of Iraq, the Soviet Union and the Cold War. Its principles were announced b President Bush as follows: first revision of the structure of the international economic system, but only the process of this suggestion was the Uruguay Round of GATT into the WTO in 1955. These changes were more in favor of industrialized countries. Second, strengthening the UN, third preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, fourth campaign against international terrorism. Finally, the issue of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the components of the new world order was proposed by President Bush.

Keywords: President bush doctrine, New world order, Middle east, Iran, Persian gulf
The impact of sociological study of social and cultural factors on social participation in Yasuj

The impact of sociological study of social and cultural factors on soc...

Authors: J. Mashhadi*| Department of Social Sciences, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran., M. Elahi| M.A in Anthropology, 1Department of Social S...

It is not possible to develop without participation in the social and cultural activities. Participation makes a good opportunity for people to be involved in decision making Process, planning, implementation and evaluation. Today social participation is seen as an important tool which plays role in social development. Kohgiluyeh and YASUJ are underdeveloped, so social participation can be used to provide a condition for economic prosperity. Although, several factors are involved in the economic growth of a region, the social participation is determinant factor in the economic growth of YASUJ and Kohgiluyeh BoyerAhmad. Be developed successfully, has direct relationship with the social participation and its effective factors .Therefore, this study investigates the impact of sociological study of social and cultural factors on social participation in YASUJ and individual characteristics. Age, sex, education level, annual income, employment status, are the most important contextual variables in this study. These variables are supposed the individual characteristics of the respondents and they are investigated to understand the situation of respondents better. In addition to demographic variables, variables like interpersonal trust, institutional trust, institutional trust (organizational), the use of mass media, fatalism, empathy, family-oriented, economic – social base of family, dependency on government power, new oriented, housing type and car ownership are independent variables and the social participation is as a dependent variable which has been measured in this study. Design/ methodology/ approach: This study applied a survey questionnaire for data collection. This study was conducted in Yasuj among people of 18 to 60 years. Based on the last Census Population in this city, population were 71613. A random sampling was done and the questionnaire was distributed among 382 persons. Sampling group was remained 377. SPSS was applied to analyze the questionnaire. To analyze data, Pearson correlation coefficients, T-test, ANOVA, simple linear regression and multivariate regression were used. Finding: The results showed independent variables like mass media usage, institutional trust, respondents age, education level and fatalism, have managed % 27 / 9 of the total influencing factor on social participation., and 72/1 depended on other factors that are outside of this range. The conceptual model included five independent variables; the use of media, institutional trust, respondents' age, education level and fatalism, and a dependent variable; social participation .This model is considered as a good one and the dependent and independent variables are capable of justify social participation.

Keywords: Social participation, Social trust, Economic - social base, Mass media, Peasant subcultures, Fatalism
Study of thought and culture of totemism in" lak" tribe

Study of thought and culture of totemism in" lak" tribe

Authors: F. Navabakhsh*, H. Kaykhosravi

The present research is conducted to anthropologically study the thought and culture of totemism among Lak tribe. The main goal of this research is to recognize the ancient customs and thoughts of the noble and indigenous people. In order to discover and find out mysteries hidden in thoughts and interactions of this land\s people, a field study is carried out. In this study it is tried to study the totemism functions in form of religious beliefs and its relationship with social correlative. Among the observed totemism signs and clues inside the Lak tribe, not to eat rooster’s meat and holy trees and to fasten something to them. In order to conduct the research, the field method under observance technique and interview as well as the predicative under library technique were used. The statistical population is some villages of Lorestan province selected by improbable sampling method. .(Articled by houra kaykhosravi )

Keywords: Culture, Lak tribe, Thought, Totemism, Taboo
A comparative study of translation strategies of fast-food advertising texts from English into Persian and Arabic

A comparative study of translation strategies of fast-food advertising...

Authors: S. Yazdani| Department of English language, Shahreza branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahreza, Iran.

This paper was conducted to compare translation strategies used to translate English fast-food advertisement texts into Persian and Arabic. In this study, the textual analysis of the corpus revealed that while the main translation strategies used to translate English fast-food advertisement texts into Arabic was borrowing and transference, in Persian language the most frequent strategies was borrowing, functional equivalence and formal equivalence. The overall finding was inadequate translation of culture-specific concepts in both target languages, which are bound to the source text. Proper translation was suggested for culture-specific concepts through Harvey (2000) major techniques for translating culture-bound terms. The results were in line with Najme Bahrami Nazarabadi study in that the advised approach to translate advertisements was transference and literal translation.

Keywords: null
A comparative study of burnout and mental health with respect to demographic characteristics of male and female employee

A comparative study of burnout and mental health with respect to demog...

Authors: E. Soleimani*| slamic Azad University of Arak .MA in General Psychology., A. ShafieAbadi| University of Allameh Tabatabai. PhD in Counseling., A. Maji...

Stress is part of life, and is generally associated with a constant change in the circumstances one faces. The term "stress" refers to an internal condition caused by a need , exhaustion or lack of consent. A certain level of stress is unavoidable. The purpose of the present study was to compare burnout and mental health according to the demographic characteristics of male and female employees in Arak refinery. The present research is a descriptive cross-sectional study of burnout and mental health with respect to demographic characteristics of male and female employees in Arak refinery. The statistical population was all the male and female employees in Arak refinery from whom 120 male and female participants were selected by using convenience sampling. Measurement tools included Hillier and Goldberg GHQ questionnaires. Burnout was also measured by Maslach burnout inventory questionnaire. In general , we concluded that emotional exhaustion was linked directly to high levels of job demands. The primary determinant of emotional exhaustion, is the organizational pressure on a person. Thus, an employee whose job involves interpersonal contacts is subject to more burnout.

Keywords: Job burnout, Mental health, Male and female employees, Arak refinery
Expansion and reduction in translation: a case study of hyperbole in the persian translation of euripides's andromache a

Expansion and reduction in translation: a case study of hyperbole in t...

Authors: S. Yazdani*| Department of English language, Shahreza branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahreza, Iran, H.V. Dastjerdi| Department of English language,...

Hyperbole is one of the most widely used figure of speech in heroic texts, a long neglected form of non-literal language. The present study set out to determine the extent of expansion and reduction in the translation of hyperbole in Euripides's dramatic texts, Andromache and Medea from English into Persian. In order to investigate the objective of this study, all hyperbolic expressions in English texts, which were considered hyperbolic in Persian as well, were identified. Then, they were classified based on the most recent classification of hyperbole in English by Claridge (2011), into three categories; namely, single-word hyperbole, phrasal hyperbole, and clausal hyperbole. To control the issue, English classification was carried out twice, and also a Persian Language and Literature expert confirmed Persian hyperbolic expressions twice. The first set of analysis examined the frequency of each category in both languages, and to check whether the extent of expansion and reduction in translation of hyperbolic expressions is significant, Chi-square test was performed via SPSS 21. The obtained results did not show any significant differences between English and Persian hyperbolic expressions in terms of expansion and reduction.

Keywords: Expansion, Reduction, Hyperbole, Drama, Single-word hyperbole, Phrasal hyperbole

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