For publishers

Applying for your journal to be included in EuroPub:

If you want your journal to be included in EuroPub, you have to fill in the application form, for this please click on the apply button.

Filling in the application form

The information that you have provided in the application must match with what is displayed on your website.

Once you submit your application

Very soon your journal will go in review process and you will get noticed of the result.

Each journal application will be assessed by three members of the EuroPub:

  1. Managing Editor: will review the application and assign it to an Editor.
  2. Editor: will assign the application to an Associate Editor.
  3. Associate Editor: The Associate Editor will make a ‘reject’ or ‘accept’ recommendation.

Waiting for a decision

You will receive an Email when your application is assigned to a member of the editorial team.

For accepted applications:

Upon acceptance into EuroPub, the journal will be classified by subject. The journal is then visible in EuroPub immediately and you can login to your account, and upload all of journal papers.

How to get your journal content / article metadata indexed in EuroPub. Uploading content:

It is the publisher’s responsibility to upload article metadata to EuroPub. Every article you upload to EuroPub must have a unique URL. If you use the same URL for all articles, the upload will fail.