Jurnal Ekonomi, Bisnis & Entrepreneurship

ISSN: 2443-0633 (print) 2443-2121 (online)

Subject: Business Administration, Economics, Accountancy, Banks and Banking, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Financial Services, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Insurance, Marketing, Communication, International Relations

Date Added To EuroPub: 2018/Mar/31

Jurnal Dinamika Manajemen

ISSN: 2086-0668 (print) 2337-5434 (online)

Subject: Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Business, Commercial, Consumer and Financial Law, Management Science, Management and Marketing

Date Added To EuroPub: 2018/Jan/04

Journal of Human Resource Management

ISSN: 1335-3888 (print) 2453-7683 (online)

Subject: Industrial Relations, Management Science, Organizational Science

Date Added To EuroPub: 2017/Dec/13

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