Management research in Iran

ISSN: 2322-200X (print) 2588-5332 (online)

Subject: Management and Communication

Date Added To EuroPub: 2022/Mar/02

Expose: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi

ISSN: (print) 2621-0304 (online)

Subject: Social Sciences, Management and Communication, Communication

Date Added To EuroPub: 2022/Feb/10

International Journal of Economic Studies and Management (IJESM)

ISSN: (print) 2789-049X (online)

Subject: Economics, Management Science/Operations Research, Finance and Financial Services, Human Resource Management, Management and Communication, Management and Strategy, Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth, Business, Commercial, Consumer and Financial Law, Auditing, Business, Finance, Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology

Date Added To EuroPub: 2021/Aug/18

iRASD Journal of Management

ISSN: 2709-8443 (print) 2709-8451 (online)

Subject: Management Science/Operations Research, Human Resource Management, Management and Communication, Management Information Systems, Management and Strategy, Production, Operation and Manufacturing Management, Public and Non-Profit Management, Industrial Management, Management Science, Management and Marketing, Management, Operations Research & Management Science, Humanities - Management

Date Added To EuroPub: 2020/Dec/21

Correspondencias & análisis

ISSN: 2224-235X (print) 2304-2265 (online)

Subject: Media Studies, Management and Communication, Electronic Publishing, Public Policy Sciences, Journalism

Date Added To EuroPub: 2019/Sep/29

Brazilian Journal of Information Science

ISSN: (print) 1981-1640 (online)

Subject: Computer and Information Science, Management and Communication, Information Retrieval , Information Science, Library Science

Date Added To EuroPub: 2019/Sep/25

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