Jurnal Ilmiah Peuradeun

ISSN: 2338-8617 (print) 2443-2067 (online)

Subject: Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Law and Economics, Religion

Date Added To EuroPub: 2022/Jan/05

FORO, Revista de Derecho

ISSN: 1390-2466 (print) 2631-2484 (online)

Subject: Law, Law and Economics, Constitutional Law

Date Added To EuroPub: 2021/Sep/02

Oğuzhan Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi

ISSN: 2687-5845 (print) 2687-5845 (online)

Subject: Archaeology, Arts and Literature, Business Administration, Economics, Education, Humanities, Law, Linguistics, Management Science/Operations Research, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences, Art History , Children's Literature, Literature, Law and Economics, History

Date Added To EuroPub: 2021/Jan/02

Indonesia Law Review

ISSN: (print) 2356-2129 (online)

Subject: Law, Law and Economics, Business, Commercial, Consumer and Financial Law, Comparative Law, International Law, Private, Civil, Criminal Law and Litigation, Regional Law, Sociology of Law

Date Added To EuroPub: 2017/Dec/28

Journal of Finance and Economics

ISSN: 2291-4951 (print) 2291-496X (online)

Subject: Econometrics, International Economics, Law and Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics

Date Added To EuroPub: 2017/Jun/06

Sociology Study

ISSN: 2159-5526 (print) 2159-5534 (online)

Subject: Law and Economics, Family, Public Health and Community Medicine, Sociology

Date Added To EuroPub: 2017/May/31

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