International Journal of Clinical Skills

ISSN: 1753-0431 (print) 1753-044X (online)

Subject: Medical Education , Clinical Trials, Oncology, Clinical & Counselling Psychology, Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine, Clinical Neurology

Date Added To EuroPub: 2021/May/07

Journal of Contemporary Medicine

ISSN: (print) 2667-7180 (online)

Subject: Medicine, Medical Education , Clinical Trials, Nursing, Medicine, Research & Experimental

Date Added To EuroPub: 2020/Dec/08

Medical Laboratory Journal

ISSN: (print) 2538-4449 (online)

Subject: Medicine, Clinical Trials, Pathology

Date Added To EuroPub: 2019/Sep/29

BMC Cancer

ISSN: (print) 1471-2407 (online)

Subject: Medicine, Cellular Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Cancer, Clinical Trials, Epidemiology

Date Added To EuroPub: 2018/Jan/10

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