Political Systems and a Continuing Account for Elusive Peace in Republic of Macedonia

Political Systems and a Continuing Account for Elusive Peace in Republic of Macedonia


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  • Publisher's keywords: deterioration, ethnic crisis, Theocracy, Despotism, Ochloracy, Gerontocracy
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    Hyreme Gurra



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This research paper is going to elaborate the five most common political systems of the world and the second part of the mainstream headlines preoccupying the public opinion, which continued the saga for entire population of Republic of Macedonia. The country is internationally known as FYROM, and its government as a whole in the recent days after New Year’s Holidays of 2018 was expecting an act of resignation by the Prime minister Nikolla Gruevski and a massive unrest took place by NGO asking to close factories that were polluting the air. The leading political parties of the government consisting of VMRO (IMRO) (ethnic Macedonian political party) and BDI (DUI) (ethnic Albanian political party) were in the verge of a complete breakdown. These two coalition members were accused by the opposition political party LSDM (SDUM) (left party) for a great number of scandals; corruption, leading autocratic zests policy, not enjoying EU and NATO, spending public money in non-productive means and finally the phone tapping become sources of constant conflict. Social dialogue between the position and opposition was undermined by the head of the government, considered as a roguishly human hobble. The deterioration of the already unfavorable international position of the country endangered the progress leading up to national an interethnic cleansing. These events eventually would shape the future of the state. After the elections the government changed the leading stream, which is seen as a last chance for survival. The research methods being used throughout this paper are; the method of interview, narrative method, qualitative and quantitative method.

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