Evaluation of Traits Related to Water Deficit Stress in Winter Rapeseed Cultivars

Evaluation of Traits Related to Water Deficit Stress in Winter Rapeseed Cultivars


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Canonical correlation, Cluster analysis, Drought tolerance index, Rapeseed, Water deficit stress, Regression analysis
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Ghader Ghaffari, Mahmoud Toorchi, Saeid Aharizad, Mohamad-Reza Shakiba



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In order to evaluate traits related to water deficit stress in winter rapeseed cultivars and to determine the tolerant and sensitive cultivars, an experiment was carried out in factorial based on randomized complete block design with 3 replications in the greenhouse of Agricultural Faculty of Tabriz-Iran University. First factor including 12 winter rapeseed cultivars, named: Zarfam, Okapi, Modena, Dexter, Olera, Licord, Arc-4, Elite, Opera, SLM046, Fornax, Orient; and the second factor include different levels of water stress that were: severe stress (50% FC), mild stress (75% FC) and well watered (100% FC) conditions. Water deficit stress was imposed from stem elongation to physiological maturity. Moreover, gypsum blocks were used to control the soil moist. The results indicated that there is a significant difference between cultivars and stress related to studied traits. Also, cultivars * stress interaction of proline content and seed yield was significant. The mean comparison of cultivars showed that SLM046 and Orient cultivars have the highest value, while Fornax and Olera cultivars have the lowest value. According to drought tolerance, MP, GMP and TOL indices were the most favorable indices. Also SLM046 and Orient are the most tolerant cultivars under severe stress and mild stress conditions respectively, while Fornax is the most sensitive cultivar in both conditions. The canonical correlation analysis under three environmental conditions showed significant correlation between canonical variables of physiological traits and yield related traits. The regression analysis in different stress levels demonstrated that the silique per plant and seed per silique has important role in increasing seed yield and these verities can help to choose cultivars. The cultivars grouping by cluster analysis showed that in middle stress levels SLM046 and Orient has been placed in same group and have higher value than overall mean. Moreover, Fornax and Olera cultivars hold lower value and are placed in another group. Other cultivars are settled in between.

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