Olericulturiests Modified Age Old Practices under Open Access Land for Sustainability

Olericulturiests Modified Age Old Practices under Open Access Land for Sustainability


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  • Publisher's keywords: Olericulturiest, Devanahalli, Bangalore rural districts, Vermicompost, chemical fertilizers, same piece of land, sustainable productivity
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    Sunitha N. Seenappa



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Presently, there are more than 70 individual vegetables commonly used by man. The present generations of olericulturiests although depend on high-yielding varieties and even genetically modified seeds are still following the package of practice of their forefathers. T he farmers of yester years secretly relied on only 0.5% to 10% of the chemical fertilizers. But mainly depended on organic manures like night soil, cattle dung, farmyard manure and decomposed vegetable wastes generated in their lands, which accounted for 90% of the inputs. The present day vegetable growers are contented to incorporate stabilized vermicompost in the quantities suggested by themselves based on 2 -3 crop studies and are using the same at least in two split doses prior to sowing and/or transplantations and during the growth of the vegetable crops. The present study is the recorded data of some of the important commercial vegetable crops according to the olericulturiests cultivation practices and their methods of incorporation of chemical fertilizers and vermicompost. Vermicompost of required quantity was supplied to them. Eleven varieties of the vegetables grown are discussed as per the olericulturiests ways and means, for, they have found a sustainable production of vegetables throughout the year on a same piece of land with alternate and rotational vegetable cropping pattern within the vegetable families. Their cultivations have an array of stipulated practices for each and every vegetable in different seasons of the year. Their aim is to produce at least 60 -70% harvests in the off seasons and 80 -100% harvests in the feasible seasons. This paper is a record of work for the commercial production of vegetables that has been practiced by the Olericulturiests of Bangalore Rural District, Karnataka State, India.

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