Lead Induced Infertility in Swiss Mice and Role of Antioxidants

Lead Induced Infertility in Swiss Mice and Role of Antioxidants


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: Lead toxicity, Fertility, Oxidative stress, Ascorbic acid, Alpha-tocopherol
  • Language of fulltext: english
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    Ragini Sharma, Nazera Qureshi, Sheetal Mogra and Khushbu Panwar



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In the present study, effects of lead toxicity on fertility of female Swiss mice have been investigated. Implantation sites, litter size, body weight of pups and histopathology of ovary were investigated. Lead toxicity was induced by lead acetate given orally for 3 months. The treatment of lead poisoning through chelating agents can remove essential elements, resulting in kidney damage. Oxidative damage associated with presence of lead has been illustrated as one possible mechanism involved in lead toxicity which suggests that antioxidant (vitamin C and E) might play a role in the treatment of lead induced infertility. The role of vitamins in treating/preventing chronic reproductive lead toxicity in animals is receiving wide attention. Therefore, along with above study, therapeutic effects of ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol on lead induced reproductive toxicity have also investigated. In lead treated group, there was decline in fertility, less number of implantation sites, decreased in litter size, decreased in body weight of pups and damage in ovary was observed. With supplementation of ascorbic acid along with lead witch induced in fertility, implantations were visible in uterus but no litter was born. Ascorbic acid could not prevent ovary damage. In lead+ vitamin E and lead+ vitamin C+ vitamin E treated groups there was improved fertility outcomes, increase in number of implantation sites, body weight of pups were also increased and ovaries were protected. Only vitamin C and E treated groups were nearly similar to control.

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