Assessment of Water Quality Index of River Godavari at Rajahmundry

Assessment of Water Quality Index of River Godavari at Rajahmundry


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  • LCC Subject Category: Environmental Sciences
  • Publisher's keywords: River Godavari, Rajahmundry, WQI
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    Mahesh Kumar Akkaraboyina1and B.S.N.Raju



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Assembling different water quality parameters into one single number leads an easy interpretation of an index, thus providing an important tool for management and decision making purposes. Water Quality Index exhibits the overall water quality at a specific location and specific time based on several water quality parameters. The purpose of an index is to transform the complex water quality data into information that is easily understandable and useable by the general public. As a part of research work, eight important water viz., pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved solids, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Calcium and Magnesium were used to evaluate WQI of River Godavari at Rajahmundry water quality monitoring station. In this paper, the seasonal variations of WQI during the study period (2009-2012) and future period (2012-2015) are discussed. The results revealed that the developed model performance was significant with MAE=4.97, RMSE=7.31 and MAPE=5.15% respectively. According to the classification criteria standards based on NSF WQI, the WQI values varied from 99.28 in June 2012 to 98.36 in May 2015; indicating the water is excellent to good quality. The water quality index followed a linear trend pattern the fluctuations in the dissolved oxygen levels affected the WQI.

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